7 Best Hospitality Books (Must Read)

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7 Best Hospitality books recommendation from Azhar

Do you need some tips on how to be a better hotelier, general manager, or hotel owner? If so, this article with 7 best hospitality books will make great reads for hospitality professionals. Some of these books are specifically written for people in the hospitality business while others are just beneficial reading material. You can also share your favorite hospitality book recommendations in the comments below!

Here is our list of the best hospitality books we think every hotelier should read. These books have the power to transform you into hospitality leaders.

  1. The New Gold Standard: 5 Leadership Principles for Creating a Legendary Customer Experience Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

When it comes to high-end service and hospitality, one name stands out from the rest: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. With constant attention to every luxury detail, the company has set the standard for creating unforgettable customer experiences in a world-class environment. Now, for the first time, this hospitality book reveals management secrets behind the company’s incredible success have been revealed.

The new gold standard takes you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the Ritz-Carlton hotel company. Bestselling author Joseph Michelli provides unrivaled access to award-winning corporate managers, employees, and leadership centers, and examines every level of leadership in organizations. It’s built around the most important principles that executives in any business can use to deliver a customer experience like no other, such as:

  • Understanding the changing needs of customers
  • Strengthen employees by treating them with respect
  • Anticipating unspoken customer needs and concerns
  • Unrivaled training regime development and implementation

Telling compelling stories from company employees – from corporate headquarters and hotels around the world – Micheli explains the company’s innovative methods of creating unparalleled guest experiences and explains how it continues to improve and enrich them.

The new gold standard combines practical advice, experienced leadership tools and expert knowledge to help you develop and implement superior customer service principles, processes and practices in your own company.


  1. A Hotel Manager’s Handbook: 189 techniques for achieving exceptional guest satisfaction

This brilliant hospitality book introduces techniques that reflect the author’s wide and varied experience. They have developed a number of highly effective techniques for guest satisfaction that even experienced hoteliers can learn and use. With this handy and easy-to-use book, you won’t have to scroll through the story pages to identify the latest tactics and strategies that can be applied at the property level. This book presents unique and effective customer satisfaction techniques on every page – a useful feature for busy managers.


  1. Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Exceeding expectations, not just meeting them, is a cornerstone of Disney’s customer service.

The Disney Institute specializes in helping professionals discover new opportunities through concepts not found in the typical workplace, and uncovering more of the business behind the magic of high-quality service. Over the past twenty-five years, thousands of professionals from more than thirty-five countries and more than forty industries have attended the Disney Institute’s business programs and learned how to apply the Disney approach to their own businesses.

Our hospitality book suggestion, Be Our Guest, highlights the success of these many companies and the key processes and best practices that have made Disney a trusted and respected brand worldwide for more than 85 years.


  1. Selling Luxury: Connect with Affluent Customers, Create Unique Experiences Through Impeccable Service, and Close the Sale

What does it take to sell high-end luxury creations to the world’s richest customers? Robin Lent and Geneviève Tour, who together have more than 30 years of experience, share their savoir-faire in Selling Luxury. You’ll also get advice from millions of luxury sales professionals to help you understand the complexities of the luxury world. Selling Luxury shows you how a seller can achieve sales ambassador status and offer impeccable service to the world’s most prestigious brands.


  1. Four Seasons: The Story of a Business Philosophy

How did an immigrant child who started out with no experience in the hospitality industry create the most respected and successful hotel brand in the world? And how has Four Seasons grown so dramatically in nearly half a century without losing its focus on outstanding quality and unmatched service?

Isador Sharp answers these questions in his inspiring memoirs. He started in Toronto as the son of a modest builder from Poland, but his ambition and fate quickly led him out of the building business of his three fathers.

Sharp studied the hotel business through trial and error. The breakthrough was the vision for a new type of hotel characterized by superior design, high-quality facilities, and, above all, a high level of commitment to service. Today, Four Seasons is widely recognized as a world leader in comfort and luxury – in fact, Four Seasons sets the standard by which every luxury hotel is measured.


  1. The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Share Their Secrets

Success in today’s fast-paced hospitality industry hinges on understanding the desires of guests of all ages, from the elderly and boomers to the dominant new millennial generation. Help comes with a new easy-to-read standard, “The Heart of Hospitality: Great Hotel and Restaurant Leaders Shares They Secrets” by Mika Solomon, with a foreword from Ritz-Carlton President and Chief Operating Officer Herve Humler.

This state-of-the-art resource provides the best hoteliers, restaurant owners and hospitality managers with a highly confidential user experience and up-to-date customer service information, including:

  • Four Seasons Chair Isador Sharp: How To Build A Corporate Culture That Can’t Be Drowned
  • Danny Mayer, CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group: His Secret to Hiring, Joining, Training, etc.
  • Tom Colicio (Craft Restaurant, Top Chef): How to create a customer-oriented customer experience in a cook-oriented restaurant
  • Raul Lial, CEO of Virgin Hotels: How Virgin Hotels are developing their innovative approach to the future of hospitality
  • Ritz-Carlton President and Chief Operating Officer Herve Hamler: How To Engage Today’s New Generation Of Luxury Travelers
  • Five-star chef and hotelier Patrick O’Connell (The Inn at Little Washington) shares the secret to a friendly relationship
  • Designer David Rockwell on the secrets of building a millennia-old restaurant and hotel area (W, Nobu, Andaz) to suit today’s travelers
  • Traci Des Jardins restaurant to build a culture of “narcissistic” hospitality
  • Legendary Chef Eric Rippert’s principle of creating great experiences for guests in one dining room at a time.

At the heart of the hospitality industry are unrivaled hospitality management resources compiled by leading customer service expert Mika Solomon. Filled with incredible hands-on stories and the wisdom of the best professionals in the industry, Heart of Hospitality is an essential resource in the hospitality industry.

As the President and CEO of Ritz-Carlton said in his foreword to the book, “If you want to create and maintain a level of service that is memorable enough to be an unbeatable competitive advantage, here’s the secret.”


  1. Without Reservations: How a Family Root Beer Stand Grew into a Global Hotel Company

J. W. Bill Marriott Jr. is a pioneer in modern hospitality. Starting the business at the age of five – a “salesman” of his family’s A&W beerhouse, he joined the family business full-time in 1956 and built Marriott International into one of the most successful and respected companies today worldwide, with nearly 3,800 properties in more than five years. from 70 Countries and annual sales of more than $12 billion. In “No Reserves,” Marriott tells this success story – along with open insights into mistakes, missed opportunities, and insights from life at a company where people always come first.


Transform your perspectives about running your hospitality business with these best hospitality books. Happy reading 🙂

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