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Going by the dictionary meaning, Hospitality is a relationship between guest and host in which the host treats the guest with some kindness, including receiving and entertaining guests, visitors, or strangers. Hospitality also means dealing with other people, namely the service of welcoming guests, for example in hotels.

To understand what is hospitality and the true essence of hospitality, it is always better to understand it from those who practice hospitality. These are an extract of quotes by hospitality professionals from the book: The Cornell School of Hotel Administration on Hospitality: Cutting Edge Thinking and Practice

“To me, hospitality is the art of making someone feel welcome, valued, and important. It is transmitted through words, facial expressions, and body language. When that person visits, the art of hospitality continues to be intensified. This is not a one-time thing. an experience that lasts the entire visit. I tell you that decades ago one of the restaurant trade magazines asked its readers why their favorite restaurant was their favourite. The answers were: friendliness, ambiance, service, food and price.”

—Burton “Skip” Sack, chairman and partner, Classic Restaurant Concept

“Hospitality: We are in the hospitality industry. The first thing I say to people when I define hospitality is that you have to be friendly, professional and willing to help guests with anything.”

—Wolfgang Puck, chef-owner

“Hospitality welcomes people around you, such as your hotel or restaurant, your home or even your office, and makes them feel warm and safe and takes care of them.”

John Sharpe, former president and CEO of the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

“Hospitality: To go above and beyond for the guest and be pleasant.” 

—Nealy Warfe, waitress (Statler Hotel, Ithaca, New York)

“What is Hospitality: Graciousness; the art of making people feel welcomed, comfortable, and at ease, preferably in a seemingly effortless manner.” 

Abigail Charpentier, human resources VP, ARAMARK Sports, Entertainment & Conventions

“What is Hospitality: The ability to feel comfortable with the people around them and to connect with them in a genuine and personal way. Courtesy and a smile are hallmarks of hospitality which are the same as genuine concern for your guest’s experience and the ability to always stick together. forward.”

Shane O’Flaherty, president and CEO, Forbes Travel Guide

“To me, hospitality means giving our guests a warm and genuine welcome; make them feel important, confident, happy and healthy; and let them share special moments at the table. “

Chef Daniel Boulud (New York City)

“When I think of hospitality, I think of warm, attentive and genuine service. I think we should be careful about treating our guests as if we were welcoming them into our home. Should we go, I believe we have failed as a hotel.

Maria Razumich-Zec, general manager, regional vice president, USA East Coast, The Peninsula (Chicago)

“Hospitality is mostly about applying the golden rule or treating others the way you are expected to be treated yourself. While most are universal, each country and culture has its own unique expectations of ensuring the friendly, welcoming and generous attitude towards visitors that is at the core of hospitality. ”

Michael D. Johnson, Dean, E. M. Statler Professor, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration

“Hospitality: To make someone feel welcome or providing a warm and inviting experience to someone.” 

Stephen Weisz, president, Marriott Vacation Club Int’l.

“Hospitality is a continuation of the Golden Rule, where you offer everything you need for another person without expecting anything in return.”

—Glenn Withiam, executive editor, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Cornell Center for Hospitality Research

“Hospitality is an art and service is an act of giving. Hospitality is a genuine and independent relationship, a relationship between a host and a guest. Service is how the host establishes and demonstrates this connection. “

Deniz Omurgonulsen, vice president, membership, Leading Hotels of the World

“Hospitality is a broad concept of feeling accepted which often includes all or most of the following: state of mind, location, action, environment, expectations, including emotional arousal, which are shared and measured by planned delivery. experience and appreciation from the recipient. “

—Arthur L. Buser, president and CEO, Sunstone Hotel Investors

What is hospitality in retail?

Hospitality: Grace; the art of making people feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed, preferably in a seemingly seamless way. “

Jim Joseph, President & Chief Executive Officer, Oneida Ltd.

What is Hospitality at Bloomingdale: We strive to consistently provide a Bloomingdale experience that is both personal and engaging. We want our customers to experience a sense of community where fashion and style are always easy to find. “

—Tony Spring, president and chief operating officer, Bloomingdale’s

“Hospitality: Welcoming people, and the customer is always the boss.” 

—Greg Suresi, manager of Delta Sonic Carwash (Rochester, New York)

What is hospitality at resturants?

“What is Hospitality: Try to make the guest to be as comfortable as possible.” 

—John Hornbrook, dishwasher machine operator (Statler Hotel, Ithaca, New York)

“Try to be the best for the people who come to your restaurant hoping they will come back. You always want to leave a good impression so they will never forget your place.” 

Sirio Maccioni, Le Cirque (New York City)

“Hospitality is service with heart.” 

—Staci Chen, assistant director of private dining, Restaurant Daniel (New York City)

“When our team, led by the unrivaled Joe Baum, opened Windows in the World 35 years ago in 1976, we said our work is a legitimate pleasure for people. But in reality it is more than that; make people feel like you are really bringing them into your own home and treating them like family. “

—Dennis J. Sweeney, vice president, operations (1976), INHILCO (World Trade Center Restaurants)

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