Diversey TASKI R3 Glass Cleaner, 5 Litre

Diversey TASKI R3 Glass Cleaner, 5 Litre

2,000.00 excl. GST

2,000.00 excl. GST

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Product Description

TASKI R3 is a concentrated cleaner for cleaning all types of glass and mirrors. Regular cleaning of windows, glass display cases, and mirrors with TASKI R3, leaves the surface clean and streak-free.

Features and benefits of Diversey TASKI R3 Glass Cleaner

  • Concentrated for economy of use. When used as recommended (for normal soiling), TASKI? R3 will cost less than Rs. 4/- per litre of user solution.
  • Leaves the surface clean and streak-free in one action.
  • Rapidly removes oily soils and finger marks.
  • Fast and easy spray-on, wipe-off action.
  • Pleasant, fresh room care fragrance.
  • Colour and alpha-numeric codes to prevent application mistakes.

Directions for use

Spray TASKI R3 onto a clean cloth/sponge and apply to all surfaces to be cleaned. Wipe off with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth.

Recommended dilution is : 20-50 ml. In 1litre of water.



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