Nestle Everyday Dairy Creamer Sachet 3g, 150 Nos

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Nestle’s 150 sachets of milk powder/dairy creamer of 3 grams each.

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Product Description

These 3 gram Nestle Everyday Dairy Creamer Sachets are convenient little packages that are perfect for hotel guest rooms. For hotels throughout the world, Nestle Everyday Dairy Creamer Sachet 3g is the most preferred choice of creamer for their guests. Guests can enjoy a fresh cup of hot or cold coffee that has been made with their own unique flavor each morning without any hassle. Unlike many other products on the market, this sachet will not change your beverages for several hours making them bland and less tasty.

Made using milk of the highest quality, sourced from well-looked-after cattle that are fed with the right nutrients. Nestle uses their international dairy know-how to carefully dry and balance this milk without losing any of its goodness.

  • 150 sachets of milk powder/dairy creamer of 3 grams each.
  • Perfect for a serving of 1 cup of tea or coffee.
  • Suitable for use in hotel guest rooms and for tea and coffee stations at meetings and events.

This product is single-serving foil-sealed sachets to keep your inventory fresh and your guests satisfied.



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