TATA Grand Instant Coffee Sachet 2g, 300 Nos

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300 numbers of TATA Grand instant coffee sachets for hotels. Each sachet consists of 2 grams of instant coffee powder and can make 1 cup of coffee.

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Product Description

Tata Coffee Grand is an innovative combination of the finest coffee grounds and crystals for flavored concoctions. For that rich and fresh taste, Tata Coffee Grand is one of the most popular coffee brands in India. These are perfect for use in guest room tea and coffee station.

Tata Coffee Grand leverages Tata’s deep coffee heritage to create a product that is the first innovative product of its kind in the Indian market. This product is a blend of the finest coffee grounds and “Locked Flavor Stew Crystals” and offers guests a “best-in-class” taste experience. Tata Coffee Grand is a very rich, fresh, and aromatic coffee.

This product is single-serving foil-sealed sachets to keep your inventory fresh and your guests satisfied.

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