Tetley Green Tea Bag in Sachets, Regular, 100 Nos

Tetley Green Tea Bag in Sachets, Regular, 100 Nos

466.00 excl. GST

100 numbers of single-serving Tetley Green Tea, tea bags in foil-sealed sachets. 100% plastic-free and staple-free tea bags.

Tetley Green Tea Bag in Sachets, Regular, 100 Nos

466.00 excl. GST

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Product Description

  • Green tea now comes with immune vitamin C.
  • The goodness of vitamin C: Contributes to the immune system by supporting various immune system functions, each cup provides 8 mg of vitamin C.
  • Benefits of green tea: increases fat metabolism, helps detoxify, moisturizes, feels light and active
  • Tea bags are made of 100% plastic and have no staples.
  • Rejuvenating green tea: The freshness of ginger and mint combines with healthy green tea and refreshing lemon for a soothing and energizing cup of green tea.

This product is single-serving foil-sealed sachets to keep your inventory fresh and your guests satisfied.

Tetley green tea is undoubtedly an excellent source of antioxidants. All the best now comes with added immunity to vitamin C with the new Tetley Green Tea Immune range. While antioxidants help cleanse your body from within, vitamin C helps maintain your immune system.

About Tetley

Tetley, the world’s second-largest tea brand, is a British icon with more than 180 years of tradition. Born in 1837, the brand was founded by the Yorkshire-based Tetley brothers and joined the Tata Consumer Products family in 2000.

In the decades that followed, Tetley grew stronger and stronger. The brand has expanded its presence to more than 40 countries, including key markets such as the UK, Canada, and the United States. Millions of people enjoy the great taste of Tetley every day.

Tetley strives to continuously improve its resilience by ensuring that all Tetley blends in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Canada, United States, and Australia are 100% Rainforest Alliance certified and work closely with specialized organizations such as the partnership with Ethical Tea to help create tea industry sustainable globally.


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