Uttam Sugar Sachet White Refined 5g, 200 Nos

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5 gram Uttam sugar sachets in a pack of 200 nos, ie. 1kg.

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Product Description

The sugar sachets from Uttam will be a perfect addition to your hotel. Treat your guests with this handy and tiny sachet of white sugar. The Uttam sugar sachet is an enticing way to add a little something-something to your guest room’s tea and coffee station. The sugar solution provides the perfect sweetener that elevates your breakfast cereal or tea for a rewarding experience.

Each sachet can be easily torn open and poured into cups, bowls, and teapots without any mess.?These sachets come neatly packed in individual servings. All you have to do is pop one sachet into a mug of tea or coffee and voila!, an indulgence awaiting you. Make these sachets part of your next meeting/ event.

The sugar sachets help in retaining the freshness of sugar for a longer period, each sachet is completely sealed and individually wrapped, offering total hygiene and superb portion control. Uttam Sugar sachet also helps prevent spillage and wastage. It?s an unbeatable combination of purity, hygiene, and convenience.

  • Sulfur-free sugar.
  • Uttam Double Refined Sugar is produced from superior, high purity raw cane sugar.
  • The product is free-flowing, sparkling white crystalline, benchmarked against IS 1151:2003, FSSR 2011 & EEC-2 specifications.
  • 5 gram Uttam sugar sachets in a pack of 200 nos, ie. 1kg.
  • Perfect for hotel and resort guest rooms, meetings and events, sweetener for breakfast cereals.

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