SVAVO Plaza PL-151056 ABS Automatic Hand Wash Dispenser 1000 ml, White

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Product Description

  • Appropriate for Restaurants, Hospitals, Office, Schools & Shopping malls.
  • Automatic sensor technique for Clean & elegant experience
  • Hassle-free Wall Mount installation
  • Work with Foam Soap, Lotions Sanitizer, Body wash, Conditioner or Shampoo
  • High-quality Durable ABS with Minimal design
  • Theft free Lock system equipped with a key

Svavo Plaza Series Automatic ABS Hand Wash Dispenser ? delivers you with the comfort of hygiene at ease. This product can be used for multipurpose such as Handwash dispensers in Restaurant / Shopping Mall restrooms, Sanitizer dispensers in Hotel Lobbies or Hospital hallways, Shampoo/ conditioner dispensers in bathrooms. Buying this product can cut down your cost by purchasing your favorite aromatic soap/ sanitizer bags in bulk rather than buying individual bottles.

  1. Method – Automatic Dispensing Method makes it easy. The transparent soap dispenser body directs us with refilling the slot.
  2. Wall Mount Installation – Using the built-in keyhole slots, you can install this to the wall which makes it easily reachable, visible & suitable for Restaurants, offices, hospitals hallways.
  3. Security – Lock equipped with a key makes it secured.
  4. Material ? Product finish using high-quality ABS makes it durable with the Stylish, elegant & Unique design.
  5. Features ? Flexible Automatic liquid slots with fresh & elegant skills.


  • Hand wash dispenser in Restaurant Restrooms/ Shopping Malls – Can place the product as Hand wash dispenser in Restaurant Restrooms or Shopping malls next to the washstand.
  • Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Shower gel dispenser in Bathrooms – Can place the dispenser near to shower area loaded with Shampoo/ conditioner/shower gel
  • Sanitizer dispenser in Hospital / Hotel hallways & kitchens. – Can place this dispenser in hallways of hospitals / Hotel lobbies which helps your customers on a quick use.
  • A disinfectant dispenser in the commercial – The dispenser can be installed in Commercial kitchen spaces which helps your staff cleaning the area fast.



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