SVAVO Plaza PL-151063 ABS Automatic HRT Paper Towel Dispenser, White

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Product Description

  • Quick & Touch-Free operation
  • The paper feed light button indicates restocking
  • Theft free Lock system equipped with a key
  • Hassle-free Wall Mount installation
  • Advanced Hand detection sensing technology
  • Minimal design with ABS casing.

Going Touchless

Make your customers feel @ home. Svavo Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser ?offer us the feel of going Handsfree sanitation at luxury. Strong and Thick Automatic paper towel dispensers will be suitable for the elite and premium customers who don?t opt to tear multiple sheets of tissue paper. This Automatic motion-detected paper towel dispenser with high capacity can be loaded with a lot of sheets at single heap & can be avoided frequent replacement. Offer your customers or employees a hands-free system, and you can spread the quality of sanitation at your establishment.

  1. Method – Automatic Dispensing Method makes it easier to take paper towels.
  2. Feature- Transparent dispenser window guides us with replacing the slot as and when needed.
  3. Material ? Product finish using high-quality ABS makes it durable with the elegant & aesthetic design.
  4. Wall Mount Installation – Using the built-in keyhole slots, you can install this to the wall which makes it easily reachable, visible & suitable for Restaurants, offices, hospitals hallways.
  5. Security & & Lock equipped with a key make it secured.
  6. Style – Unique & aesthetic design will match any d?cor, more hygienic environment with long-lasting performance.


  • Paper Towel dispenser in Restaurant Restrooms/ Shopping Malls/ Hotel Kitchen. – Dispenser can be fixed in the wash area/ shower area of Restrooms, Shopping Malls & Commercial Kitchen spaces. This will help your customers/employees to access paper towels with ease. The automatic dispenser can manage high traffic on usage to an extent clean.
  • Paper Towel / Face Tissues in Bathrooms – Wash area with automatic Paper towel dispenser mounted. This will help the customers to tear paper towels for wiping/ drying purposes. Accordingly, we can make the customers feel the handiness of facilities all around your establishment.
  • Wet Tissues/ Paper towel in Meeting/ Conference rooms – Think about providing wet tissues & paper towels inside office premises, or even in the meeting/conference hall. This will enable your employees and guests to access paper towels or wipes at their convenience.



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