Guest Amenity Kits

Anticipate your guests' needs and provide all the comforts of home with our selection of guest amenity kits. From dental kits to sewing kits, we offer pre-assembled kits at wholesale prices, making it easy and affordable to add that extra touch to your guest rooms.

Hotel Guest Amenity Kits | Dental, Shaving & More

Providing your guests with thoughtful amenities can go a long way in creating a positive, memorable experience. At Zarnik, we make it easy and affordable to stock your guest rooms with a variety of pre-assembled amenity kits.

Our selection includes:

  1. Dental Kits: Offer your guests the convenience of oral care with our dental kits, which include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss.
  2. Shaving Kits: Provide your guests with everything they need for a comfortable shave, including razor, shaving cream, and aftershave.
  3. Sewing Kits: Be prepared for wardrobe emergencies with our sewing kits, which include needles, thread, buttons, and safety pins.
  4. Vanity Kits: Offer your guests a range of grooming tools with our vanity kits, which can include items like cotton swabs, nail files, and cotton balls.
  5. Shoe Shine Kits: Help your guests keep their shoes looking polished with our shoe shine kits.
  6. Shower Caps: Provide a convenient and hygienic option for guests who don't want to get their hair wet while showering.
  7. Combs & Brushes: Offer your guests the tools they need to keep their hair looking neat and styled.
  8. Loofahs & Sponges: Provide exfoliating options with our selection of loofahs and sponges.
  9. Sanitary Bags: Offer a discreet and hygienic disposal option with individually wrapped sanitary bags.

As a hotel owner or manager in India, you can count on Zarnik for all your guest amenity kit needs. We offer bulk pricing, a wide selection of pre-assembled kits, and fast, reliable shipping across the country. Simplify your ordering process and provide your guests with the thoughtful touches that will keep them coming back.