Laundry Detergents & Chemicals

Keep your hotel linens clean, fresh, and long-lasting with our selection of professional-grade laundry detergents and supplies. From high-efficiency detergents to fabric softeners and stain removers, our products are designed to meet the demanding needs of hotel laundry operations. Enjoy wholesale pricing on bulk orders.

Hotel Laundry Detergents & Supplies | Bulk Discounts

Clean and fresh linens are a hallmark of a quality experience, and having the right laundry detergents and supplies is essential for maintaining this standard. At Zarnik, we offer a wide selection of high-quality laundry products designed to meet your specific needs.

Our laundry detergents and supplies include:

  1. High-efficiency detergents: Concentrated formulas designed for use in high-efficiency washing machines, providing excellent cleaning performance while minimizing water and energy usage.
  2. Standard detergents: Reliable detergents for use in traditional washing machines, offering effective cleaning power for your linens.
  3. Fabric softeners: Liquid and sheet fabric softeners to keep your linens soft, fresh, and static-free.
  4. Stain removers: Specialized products for treating and removing tough stains, such as makeup, grease, and wine, from your linens.
  5. Bleach: Chlorine and oxygen bleach options for whitening and disinfecting your linens.
  6. Laundry additives: Additional products, such as water softeners and odor eliminators, to enhance the performance of your laundry detergents and ensure the best results.
  7. Eco-friendly options: We offer environmentally friendly laundry products, such as biodegradable and phosphate-free formulas, to support your sustainability efforts.
  8. Wholesale pricing: Enjoy competitive wholesale prices on bulk orders, making it affordable to keep your linens clean and fresh.

You can trust Zarnik to be your go-to supplier for laundry detergents, supplies, and other essential housekeeping products. We offer fast, reliable shipping across the country, and our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you. Experience the convenience and cost-savings of ordering from a single, trusted supplier.