Pugdundee Safaris launches Waghoba Eco Lodge at Tadoba National Park

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Pugdundee Safaris launches Waghoba Eco Lodge at Tadoba National Park 04

Wild animals, luxurious sustainable construction, and authentic regional cuisine make the newly opened Waghoba Eco Lodge a new destination in the desert. Located in the rugged Tadoba desert, this cabin is near the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, a popular weekend getaway for wildlife lovers from Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Hyderabad.

Each of the 14 sensitively furnished private villas has been carefully coordinated while maintaining elements of durability and comfort. The spacious one-bedroom villa is based on the humility of the ecological building with the sophistication of comfort inscribed in every element while complementing local craftsmanship.

Pugdundee safaris launches waghoba eco lodge at tadoba national park 04

Located on a wooded campus offering privacy for the discerning traveler, each villa has a modern bathroom with a toilet, hot and cold water, double toilets, and ample luggage space. Room accents include handcrafted teak wood furnishings, including a table and chairs, a seating area, and a large guest bed.

The linens used are made of 100% organic cotton and the upholstery consists of only soft linen. Handcrafted adobe bricks, Guna dome tiles, half stone, and ceramic shards give it a rustic yet luxurious look while lowering the ambient temperature in the heat of Tadoba, making for a very comfortable stay.

At Waghoba Eco Lodge, the northeast-facing bird skins are carefully designed with views of small bodies of water year-round, with morning and evening light falling perfectly on the objects. The skin is set against a stunning backdrop of small wooded hills and also offers the opportunity to capture reflections of objects in the water.

Pugdundee safaris launches waghoba eco lodge at tadoba national park 04

Perches have been carefully designed to accommodate birds of various morphologies, weights, and behaviors. With comfort in mind, chairs, sofas, and coffee shops have been created so photographers can spend hours hiding, and special windows with simple wooden tables are available to allow for eye-level shots.

To highlight a special element, a large shaded pool has been created with a beautiful sundeck that allows guests to enjoy Tadoba’s mild winters and relax and rejuvenate in the scorching summer heat between safaris. A nature library and recreation area overlooking the hills allow guests to escape the flat terrain of the region, giving them a great sense of spaciousness.

At Waghoba Eco Lodge, the rich culinary repertoire is a wholesome experience that takes guests on a gastronomic journey. The menu is skillfully designed not only to incorporate the traditional flavors of Varadhi, Maharashtrian, and Hyderabadi Thali but also offers a unique opportunity to indulge the palate with the most authentic international dishes.

To experience a magnificent desert in October, add some whimsical wonder to the nearby Tadoba Forest, where animal lovers can hike the well-marked trails to explore various natural wonders and wildlife.

Pugdundee safaris launches waghoba eco lodge at tadoba national park 04

About Waghoba Eco Lodge, Manav Khanduja, founder of Pugdundee Safaris said: “In recent years Tadoba has become one of the best parks in India. This is the result of enormous conservation efforts, increased wildlife populations, and innovative tourism development. Moreover, it seems like a natural extension of our existing wildlife chain as Tadoba is well connected to Pench & Satpura and allows Pugdundee Safaris to cover the entire Central Indian landscape. In addition, we advocate a 50:50 male-to-female ratio for our Waghoba Eco Lodge to fulfill our long-term vision to break the stereotype of the male-only jungle lodge.

He added: “Traditionally, our focus has been on guests seeking a clear desert experience from India and abroad. Covid has completely changed this dynamic and we have to adapt to the changing times by making ourselves a safe travel partner for our guests. Now we focus on guests looking for a relaxing weekend or just spending time in nature, who are ready to take a break from everyday life to find peace in the Indian jungle. ”

Waghoba Eco Lodge is built with sustainable construction practices. Read their article on behind the scenes construction of Waghoba Eco Lodge here.

The hospitality and personal experience at Waghoba Eco Lodge, like any other Pugdundee Safaris hotel, begins before your arrival. The friendly guest relations team leader will help you create a personalized itinerary by ensuring that all of your dining and other accommodation-related needs are met. Strict Covid protocols have been put in place to ensure guest safety comes first above all else.

Packages from INR 18,500 which include three meals per day are offered with the option to rebook the fee before 7 days of travel. Other bespoke experiences include jungle safaris – morning, afternoon, and evening, boat safaris, bird watching, cycling and hiking.

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