Google’s ‘Eco-certified’ tag for eco-friendly hotels

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Google will highlight more eco-friendly hotels with sustainable practices

From now, when you search for hotels on Google, the search engine will highlight eco-friendly hotels that use sustainable practices, along with an “Eco-certified” tag. Gradually, other tourism sectors will also be included in this regulation.

Google's 'eco-certified' tag for eco-friendly hotels

There are many things to consider when booking a trip: cost, health and safety, environmental impact, and more. Last year google shared travel tools to help you find health and safety information. Now they want to make it easier for you to find sustainable options on the go – no matter what you’re doing or wherever you’re going.

At Google, a new team of engineers, designers, and researchers will focus exclusively on travel sustainability. The team is already working to highlight the sustainable capabilities of travel tools that people use every day.

If you Google hotels starting this week, you’ll see information about their sustainability efforts. Hotels certified by certain independent organizations such as Green Key or EarthCheck according to high sustainability standards will have an environmental certification seal next to their name. Would you like to immerse yourself in hotel-specific sustainability practices? Click the Information tab to see a list of their activities – from efforts to reduce waste and sustainable energy materials to energy efficiency and water conservation measures.

Google will highlight more eco-friendly hotels with sustainable practices

If you have an environmentally certified hotel or sustainability practice that you’d like to share with travelers, simply sign in to Google My Business to add the attribute to your business account or contact Google My Business support.

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