Leefa Kitchen Roll Towel 250 Meter, 6 Nos

1,650.00 excl. GST

250-meter long kitchen roll towel with 2-inch core diameter. This product is available in case of 6 rolls.

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Product Description

Worried about the cleanliness of your kitchen? With these Leefa Kitchen Roll Towels, you can clear that up in no time with its tough material and large sheet size. Clear away dirt, oil, or water with this highly absorbent paper towel. Made using recycled paper pulp; it is also triditionally trusted for food preparation areas which comes with big savings benefits.

  • Suitable for most standard kitchen towel dispensers.
  • Bigger sheet size for wider coverage.
  • Trusted, efficient, and hygienic choice for food preparation and service areas.
  • For use in the food and beverage industry.
  • Made using recycled semi-virgin tissue.
  • Highly economical and cost savings compared to using other tissue paper products for cleaning up tasks.



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