Paseo Center Pull Roll Towel 225 Meters, 8 Nos

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PASEO brand perforated, 225 meters long center-pull rolls with 8 rolls per pack.

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Product Description

The Center Pull Roll Towel 225 Meter is the perfect choice for hotels, resorts, restaurants bathrooms or even back of the house cleaning up jobs. Its center-pull design reduces wasted paper towels since it dispenses only one sheet at a time. These are lightweight yet strong paper towels that are easier on the hands too!

Center-pull rolls are the best hygienic solution minimizing other bathroom guests’ contact with wet or dried hands.

  • The Paseo Center Pull Roll Towel is 225 meters long with 8 rolls per pack.
  • Free from optical brightening agent (OBA).
  • The roll fits in standard-sized dispensers for center pull towels.
  • These hand paper towels are a hygienic choice since guests only touch the towel they’ll use.
  • The paper towels center pull design minimizes waste because it’s perforated for one-at-a-time dispensing (so your bathroom guests only get one towel at a time).



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