SVAVO Plaza PL-151070 ABS HEPA Filter Hand Dryer, White

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Product Description

  • Convenient for Hotels, Airports, Restaurants, Office, Household & Shopping malls.
  • Wall Mount installation with Security Assurance
  • ABS Casting, Minimalist design with HEPA Filter to capture 99% Bacteria & Dust.
  • Temperature control system with Drying hands in 7-8 sec with High-Speed Motor
  • Advanced Motion-sensing technology & Hot/ Cold Wind mode can be adjusted
  • Automatic stop after 60 secs of usage.

Go Eco- friendly, save money & keep restrooms clean and free of paper clutter. Offer your customers ease to dry their hands right after washing, with an SVAVO Automatic HEPA filter High-speed Hand dryer. This hand dryer can capture 99% Bacteria and dust in your hands within 7-8 seconds, using 1350 w of wind power with the high-speed motor. You can always fit the product at your convenience like near to Bathroom faucets or Restroom exits according to the d?cor. Imagine giving peaceful environs for your customer by placing this soundless Hand Dryer in restrooms. Let them love drying their hands with the pure and comfortable wind. If you never thought to replace tissues with Hand dryers, take a new look.

  1. Method – Using a HEPA filter will cleanse your hands and makes it Dust-free. Takes 7-8 sec of drying time with high wind power & motor speed.
  2. Feature ? SVAVO Hand Dryers features an Automatic infrared sensor technology that helps us to go touch-free. You can also have the choices to go for Cool/ Hot air modes along with.
  3. Wall Mount Installation – Using the built-in screw slots, you can install this on the wall which makes it easily reachable & visible for Hotels, Motels, Shopping Malls.
  4. Safety – Electric safety power switch.
  5. Style – Unique & elegant surface-mounted design will match any d?cor with less space.
  6. Savings ? Dryers are nearly maintenance Apart from a yearly suggested cleaning, they don?t need to be touched.


  • Hand Dryers can have placed in Restroom / Bathroom exits. You can mount the Hand dryer in the exits of Restroom of Restaurants, Shopping malls, Office, or Hotel Bathrooms for drying off hands after use.
  • Can be used in Office Cafeteria Washrooms. Hand dryers can be placed next to the wash area of the office cafeteria which in turn can handle high traffic and eliminates clogging of hand tissues.
  • Placed near Faucets for quick use when you have this hand dryer placed near to the faucets, will enable your guests to dry their hands quickly.





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