Disposable Shower Cap in Recycled Kraft Box

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Disposable Shower Cap in Recycled Kraft Box

Premium disposable shower cap with frill-locked edges, elegantly presented in a recycled kraft paper box.

Introducing our Shower Cap, part of the exclusive Kraft Box Series – the perfect addition to your hotel's amenities, offering convenience and comfort during your guests' stay.

Our Shower Cap provides a hygienic and practical solution for keeping hair dry and protected while showering. The high-quality material ensures durability and a snug fit, offering a relaxing and worry-free bathing experience.

Presented in our elegant Kraft Box Series packaging, this shower cap reflects your hotel's commitment to providing sophisticated and thoughtful amenities for your guests.

By offering the Shower Cap, Kraft Box Series, you demonstrate your dedication to guest satisfaction and attention to detail. This small but essential item adds a touch of luxury to their stay, ensuring they feel cared for and pampered.

Enhance your guests' experience with our Shower Cap, Kraft Box Series, and make their stay truly memorable. Provide them with the utmost comfort and convenience, leaving a lasting impression of excellence at your hotel.

Frequently asked questions

What material is the shower cap made of?

Our shower cap is made of high-quality, waterproof material that ensures durability and excellent hair protection while being disposable for hygiene purposes.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

Yes, the shower cap comes in a box made from recycled kraft paper, supporting sustainable hospitality practices and reducing environmental impact.

What does "frill-locked" mean?

Frill-locking is a technique where the edge of the shower cap is sealed with a gathered elastic band. This design creates a better seal around the hairline, providing more effective protection against water and moisture.

How many shower caps come in each recycled kraft box?

Each recycled kraft box contains one individually packaged disposable shower cap.

Is this shower cap suitable for all hair types and lengths?

Yes, our frill-locked shower cap is designed to accommodate various hair types and lengths, providing a comfortable and secure fit for most guests.

Can hotels customize the recycled kraft packaging with their branding?

For large orders, we offer customization options on the recycled kraft boxes. Please contact our sales team for more information on branded packaging.

Product overview

  1. Eco-friendly recycled kraft paper packaging.
  2. Frill-locked design for secure fit.
  3. High-quality, waterproof material.
  4. Disposable for guest hygiene.
  5. One-size-fits-all for various hair types.

Product specification

Country Of OriginIndia
Item GroupShower Cap
Product TypeShower Cap
ManufacturerZarnik Hotel Supplies Private Limited
Return PolicyFree 30-day returns
Shipping DescriptionDispatched within 24-48 hours
Shelf Life24 Months / 2 Years


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